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Linda Akins



My recent paintings are all about glamour. Bold, larger than life paintings of faces, accentuate glamour and sensual appeal. Intense expressions with deep wistful eyes and bountiful lips reflect what we see from Hollywood film and fashion. Commercials and cosmetic advertisements call out to the sensuality of large eyes and lips, classic curved noses displaying a kind of perfection. Many of my paintings are inspired by these influences and currently include iconic paintings of Marilyn Monroe and Cameron Diaz.


My college class notes were often filled with sketches of faces and abstract drawings. While living in New York, after work, I would set off in the evenings to study at the Art Students League and sketch late into the night. In California, I took art courses at Otis Art Institute and received a certificate in Interior Design at UCLA. Since then I have designed numerous commercial and residential projects. My design projects have the same components as a painting. I see my paintings now as I do my design projects: each a blank canvas, created and developed with attention to scale, perspective, shape, form, texture, and color.  


Art has been an important focal point in my life. I continue to take art workshops, and this has become my often after work endeavor. Especially significant have been painting workshops with Kwok Wai Lau at The Palm Springs Art Museum. My current work is a result of this inspiring art adventure.


Hope you enjoyed your visit to Linda Atkins Art gallery. To inquire about any of the paintings, please contact me at lindaatkins.art@gmail.com